Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

XML Schema Collections

Microsoft® SQL Server™ provides native storage of XML data through the XML data type. The XML Schema Collection stores the imported XML schemas and is then used to do the following:

  • Validate XML instances
  • Type the XML data as they are stored in the database

The XML stored in a column or variable that a schema is associated with is referred to as typed XML, because the schema provides the necessary data type information for the instance data. SQL Server uses this type information to optimize data storage.


Note that XML Schema Collection is a metadata entity like a table in the database, hence the XML Schema Collection can be created, modified and dropped.


XML Schema Collection Editor allows you to define XML schema collection properties. It opens automatically when you create a new XML schema collection and is available on editing an existing one.


To open a XML schema collection in XML Schema Collection Editor, double-click it in the DB Explorer tree.