Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Creating/editing full-text catalog

Use the Full-Text Catalog tab of Full-Text Catalog Editor to create/edit a full-text catalog and specify its properties.



Enter a name for the new full-text catalog, or view the name of the full-text catalog being edited.


Full-Text Catalog Editor - Editing full-text catalog definition




Use the drop-down list to select the owner of the full-text catalog (the name of a database user or role).


File group

Use the drop-down list to select the filegroup which will include the new catalog. The default full-text filegroup is the PRIMARY filegroup for the database.



Use the ellipsis EllipsisButton button to specify the root directory for the catalog using the SQL Server Folders dialog.

Note: Full-text catalogs must be created on a local hard drive associated with an instance of SQL Server.


CheckBox Set as default catalog

This option specifies that the catalog is the default catalog. When full-text indexes are created without a full-text catalog explicitly specified, the default catalog is used.


Accent sensitivity

Specify whether the catalog is accent RadioButton sensitive or RadioButton insensitive for full-text indexing.