Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Creating/editing sequence

Use the Sequence tab of Sequence Editor to create/edit a sequence and specify its properties.



Specify the name of the sequence to be created, or view the name of the sequence being edited. Note that the sequence name must be unique within its schema.


CheckBox Cycle

This option indicates that the sequence continues to generate values after reaching either its maximum or minimum value. After an ascending sequence reaches its maximum value, it generates its minimum value. After a descending sequence reaches its minimum, it generates its maximum value.



Use the drop-down list to specify the schema in which the sequence will be created.


Sequence Editor - Editing Sequence Definition




Specify the type of generated sequence numbers.



Specify the size value (for the decimal type).


Start value

Specify the first sequence number to be generated. Use this setting to start an ascending sequence at a value greater than its minimum or to start a descending sequence at a value less than its maximum.



Specify which value is added to the current sequence value to create a new value. A positive value will make an ascending sequence, a negative one - a descending sequence. The default value is 1.


Min value

Specify the minimum value of the sequence.


Max value

Specify the maximum value for the sequence.


Value Cache

Specify how many sequence numbers are to be preallocated and stored in memory for faster access in the RadioButton This size cache field or select RadioButton Default cache size or RadioButton No cache.



To compile the object, use the corresponding iconCompile Compile item of the Navigation bar or toolbar.