Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Changing Metadata window

The Changing Metadata window is used to trace the errors and edit SQL statements during their compilation. The compilation window appears each time metadata is changed, both when the compilation is successful and when there are compilation errors. To hide this window for successful metadata changes, select the CheckBox Don't show this window on success option.


Compile SQL

This area displays the SQL statement pending to be executed to perform metadata changing. In this area you can view and edit the SQL statement.

In case of a compilation error the Error tab also becomes visible - here you can view the error description returned by the server.



This button starts execution of the statement(s). Click it to commit the current transaction. This button is available only if there were no errors in compilation.



This button cancels the script execution and allows you to return to the previous stage (editor window or DB Explorer).


Rollback and Recompile

This button calls for recompilation with the changes you made in the Compile SQL area. Use this button after correcting the SQL statement.


Appendix - Changing Metadata window



If necessary, you can copy information to clipboard and save it in a text editor afterwards (the button is only enabled when a compilation error occurs).


If you want this window to appear only in case of an error, uncheck the CheckBox Confirm metadata changing (Changing Metadata Window) option (checked by default) available within the Confirmations section of the Environment Options dialog.