Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Specifying memory-optimized table indices

Use the Indices tab to specify indices for the newly created memory- optimized table.


New table - Specifying memory-optimized table indices



The Indexes list provides the following attributes of each index of the table:


Primary Key


Hash index

Number of Hash Bucket


Right-click an index to display the context menu allowing you to create new, edit or drop an index.

Double-click an index or use the New/Edit Index context menu item to open Memory-optimized table index editor for editing the index.


New table - Specifying memory-optimized table indices - Index Editor



Index type

RadioButton Primary Key

This selection indicates that the primary key index is created.


RadioButton Index

This selection specifies a regular, non-unique index.



CheckBox Hash index

Checking this option indicates that a HASH index is created. A hash index consists of a collection of buckets organized in an array.


Number of hash buckets

Define the number of buckets that should be created in the hash index.



To include column(s) in the index, you need to move it from the Available Columns list to the Selected Columns list. Use the Items - Move to Selected Items - Move all to Selected Items - Move to Available Items - Move all to Available buttons or drag-and-drop operations to move the columns from one list to another.