Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

General options

The General section of the Server Properties dialog allows you to take a brief look at the general server configuration properties: Name, Product, Operating System, Platform, Version, Language, Memory, Processors, Root Directory, Server Collation.


Note: These properties are read-only.


Server Properties - General



Indicates the name of the instance of SQL Server in the following format: computer_name\sqlserver_instance_name



Indicates the full product name of SQL Server.


Operating System

Indicates the OS version and its build.



Indicates the OS and hardware configuration used on the server.



Indicates SQL Server version.



Indicates SQL Server language.



Indicates the amount of memory available on the machine where SQL Server is running.



Indicates the quantity of CPUs on the server machine.


Root Directory

Indicates the installation directory of SQL Server instance


Server Collation

Indicates the collation used on the server.