Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Setting connection parameters

Use this step of the wizard to set the necessary connection parameters for the new database using the corresponding boxes and options: Host name, Authentication, User name and Password.


Register Database wizard - Setting connection parameters


Specify the host where the database being registered resides: type in the host name in the Server name field or select one in the drop-down list.

Please note that if Microsoft® SQL Server™ is installed as a named instance, you should enter the name of your machine and the instance name in the Host name field in the following format: computer_name\sqlserver_instance_name (e.g. "MYCOMPUTER\SQLEXPRESS").


Authentication type

Specify the type of Microsoft® SQL Server™ authentication to be used for the connection: RadioButton Windows authentication or RadioButton SQL Server authentication. It is strongly recommended to avoid using SQL Server authentication with "sa" as the login.


If 'SQL Server' has been selected as the authentication type, you should also provide authorization settings: User name and Password.


CheckBox Trust server certificate

If you use this option, the connection process skips the trust chain validation. In this case, the application connects even if the certificate can't be verified.


If necessary, you can start SQL Server Configuration Manager which is provided by Microsoft® for configuration management of SQL Server services, server/client protocols and client aliases.



Click the Next button to proceed to the Setting specific options step or to the Selecting databases step of the wizard, depending on whether the CheckBox Register a single database option has been selected or not.