Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Index Names

Use the Index Names tab to set the template for the name of the newly created Index.


Object Templates - Index names


The following tags are available:

{table_name} - the name of the table in which the index is created;

{table_schema} - the name of the schema that contains the table;

{num} - the ordinal number of an index with the same name;

{num_for_dup} - the number of an index which is applied if the index with the same name (without an ordinal number) already exists;

{index_type} - tag value of the index type which is defined in the Index type tag value;

{clustered} - tag value that which defines if the index is clustered (tag value is specified in the Clustered tag value);

{columns} - names of columns on which the index is created.


Click the tag to insert it at the cursor position.


Index type tag value

Here you can specify templates for tags added to default names of several index types: Primary key constraint, Unique constraint, Unique index, XML index, Clustered, Index.


Clustered tag value

Here you can specify templates which will be applied for clustered and non-clustered indices.