Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server


Editor options


CheckBox Auto indent

If this option is checked, each new indention is the same as the previous one when editing SQL text.

Indents and outdents are used in the process of text editing to make the source code easier to read.


CheckBox Insert mode

If this option is checked, the insert symbols mode is on by default.


CheckBox Find text at cursor

If this option is checked, the Text to find field in the Find Text dialog is automatically filled with the text on which the cursor is set.


CheckBox Always show hyperlinks

If this option is checked, hyperlinks are displayed in the editor window. To open a link, click it with the Ctrl key pressed.


CheckBox Double click line

If this option is checked, double-clicking the line on which the cursor is set selects the whole line.


CheckBox Trim trailing spaces

If this option is checked, all spaces after the last symbol in line will be trimmed.


CheckBox Fixed line height

Prevents line height calculation. If this option is checked, the default line height is taken.


CheckBox Persistent blocks

Keeps marked blocks selected even when the cursor is moved with the arrow keys used, unless a new block is selected.


CheckBox Fixed column move

If this option is checked, the caret keeps its horizontal position when moved between lines.


CheckBox Optimal fill

Check this option to enable optimal algorithm of filling text content in the working area of the editor.


CheckBox Unindent keep align

Keeps align for the lines that are not indented.


CheckBox Smart caret

This option determines the caret movement (up, down, line start, line end). The caret is moved to the nearest position on the screen.


CheckBox Resolve aliases

Enables/disables the syntax highlight and code completion features for aliases.


Editor Options - General



CheckBox Overwrite blocks

Replaces a marked block of text with whatever is typed next. If Persistent Blocks is also selected, the text you enter is appended to the currently selected block.


CheckBox Show caret in read only mode

Displays/hides the caret in read-only mode.


CheckBox Copy to clipboard as RTF

If this option is checked, the selected text is copied in RTF format.


CheckBox Drag and drop text

This option allows to drag and drop selected text.


CheckBox Group undo

This option allows you to undo multiple actions of the same kind.


CheckBox Group redo

This option allows you to redo multiple actions of the same kind.


CheckBox Cursor beyond EOL

If this option is checked, the horizontal position of a cursor is kept. If you move the cursor (using the Up and Down arrow keys) onto a line having length less than the current cursor horizontal position, it will be positioned after the last symbol of the line.


CheckBox Enable column selection

Enables/disables column selection mode.


CheckBox Hide cursor on type

Hides/displays mouse cursor within the working area while a user is typing some text.


CheckBox Hide dynamic (no focus)

Hides dynamic highlights when an editor is not focused.


CheckBox Collapse empty lines

Collapses empty lines after a text range when this range has been collapsed.


CheckBox Scroll to the last line only

When the option is enabled, you can scroll to the last line of the text only, otherwise you can scroll to the end of the page.


CheckBox Seek variables

Disables code completion feature for variables.


CheckBox Word wrap

When on, text is wrapped at the right margin of the editor area to fit in the visible area.


CheckBox Variable horizontal scrollbar

If this option is checked, the horizontal scrollbar varies according to the current content of the editor.


CheckBox Float markers

When enabled, markers are linked to the text, and they will move with the text while the text is being edited; otherwise the markers are linked to the caret position, and stay unchanged while the text is being edited.


CheckBox Undo after save

Keeps undo buffer unchanged after saving.


CheckBox Disable selection

Disables any selection when editing.


CheckBox Draw current line focus

Draws the focus rectangle around the current line when the editor has focus.


CheckBox Hide selection (no focus)

Hides the selection when the editor loses focus.


CheckBox Greedy selection

Selects an extra column/line in column/line selection modes.


CheckBox Keep selection mode

Enables selection for caret movement commands (like in BRIEF).


CheckBox Select search result

Determines whether the search result should be selected.


CheckBox Smart paste

When this option is enabled, the editor gets both Unicode and ANSI content from the clipboard, converts them using the selected character set and selects the best text to be pasted. This allows getting correct text copied from both ANSI and Unicode applications disregarding the currently selected keyboard language.


CheckBox Disable all code features

This option disables code completion, code folding, highlight and all options that are set on the Quick Code page. For options that are set on the Highlight page, the defaults will be applied.


Collapse level

Specifies the level of text ranges that will be affected by the "Collapse all" command.


Undo limit

Defines the maximum number of changes possible to be undone.


Tab mode

Specifies the way the TAB key is processed. Possible values are: Use tab character (inserts a tab character); Insert spaces (inserts space characters); Dialog behaviour (when the edit control is in a dialog, the focus is switched to the next control); Smart tab (tabs to the first non-white space character in the preceding line).


Tab stops

Defines the tab length used when editing a text.


Comment symbols

Defines the symbols which will be used to comment code fragments.


Block indent

Specify the number of spaces to indent a marked block.



Hint: The Reset to Defaults button which is common for all sections of the Editor Options dialog opens a menu with items allowing you to discard all changes and reset options of the current category or of all categories to their defaults.