Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server


General options


CheckBox Striped grids

Displays the odd grid rows in a different color defined by the Strip option available on the Color & Formats page.


CheckBox Show editor immediately

Allows editing the cell value right after the cell is clicked.


CheckBox Always show editor

Set this option to make the cell editors always active.


CheckBox Enable auto-search in grid

If this option is checked, the cursor is automatically forwarded to the closest match when you start typing.


CheckBox Row multi-selection

With this option set, multiple rows can be selected in grid.


CheckBox Invert selection

Determines whether a single cell within the focused row or the entire row is highlighted when focused.


CheckBox Column auto-width

With this option set, column widths are changed in order to display all columns without using the horizontal scroll bar. If the content a column is still too large to display without a need to resize the grid, then the column values are truncated and the hidden characters are replaced with an ellipsis at the end.


CheckBox Cell auto-height

If the widths of the columns are insufficient to display the full content, then text clipping occurs. Set this option to prevent this. If this option is set, the cell content is displayed in multiple lines where necessary. You can set the number of lines to display using the Cell max line count option.


Environment Options - Grid



Grid layout preference


RadioButton Autofit column widths

Use this option to shrink the grid columns so that the longest visible column value fits.


RadioButton Save and restore layout

Use this option to keep the original grid width. Check the Restore sorting option to apply defaults to sorting (except for SQL sorting) as well.


Root level options


These options are applied to the main view of the grid. See Grid View for details.


Detail level options


These options are applied to the detail view of the grid. See Grid View for details.


CheckBox Show "Group by" box

Displays the gray area above the column caption allowing one to group data in the grid.


CheckBox Show indicator

Activates/deactivates the row indicator pane at the left.


Environment Options - Grid - Show indicator


CheckBox Show navigator

Activates/deactivates the data navigator similar to the navigation pane at the top of the grid. The navigator is available at the bottom of detail level view.


Environment Options - Grid - Show navigator


CheckBox Show "New item row"

Displays an empty row at the bottom of a view which is a convenient way for adding data to the grid.


CheckBox Hide tabs for single detail

This option is useful when only one view is present on the detail level. When the option is enabled, the view tab is hidden.



If the RadioButton Row selection is selected then the whole record in the table is selected in the table on clicking the cell. Otherwise, only the clicked cell is selected (RadioButton Cell selection option).


Check the CheckBox Row/cell multi-selection option to enable the selection of multiple cells or rows in the grid with the Shift button.



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