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SQL Manager for SQL Server 5.2

May 20, 2024


What's new in SQL Manager for SQL Server 5.2?


1. Released x64 version of the program.

2. Aliases can be selected for servers now.

3. Dependencies retrieving with limited privileges has been improved.

4. Improvements implemented in the Activity monitor.

5. Code completion list displays columns for synonyms now.

6. SQL editor with multiple tabs is opening faster now.

7. SUID queries are generated more accurate for views now.

8. Export of lists from object editors fixed.

9. The error occurred on opening XML collection with some providers. Fixed now.

10. The printing options fixed in Sequence editor.

11. The notification on modified but not compiled objects is now displayed on closing the app.

12. COLUMNSTORE clustered indexes can be created now.

13. Improvements implemented in the dark visual scheme.

14. Many other fixes and improvements.



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