Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Managing job schedules

The Schedules tab allows you to manage schedules assigned to the job.


Scheduling administrative jobs consists in defining the condition(s) that cause the job to begin running. It is possible to schedule any type of job. More than one job can use the same job schedule.


Jobs - Job Editor - Managing job schedules



The current job schedules are displayed as a grid with the following columns: ID, Name, Run type, Enabled, Next Run Date, Description.


Right-click an item within the list to call the context menu allowing you to create a new job schedule and specify its properties using the Add New Job Schedule dialog, add an existing schedule, edit or delete the selected schedule.



The Add New Job Schedule / Edit Schedule dialog allows you to define schedule parameters.


Jobs - Job Editor - Managing job schedules - Add schedule



Schedule name

Enter a name for the new schedule, or modify the name of the schedule being edited. Enable/disable the schedule using the CheckBox Enabled option.


Specify the Execution Type of the schedule indicating when the job is to be executed:


RadioButton Start when SQL Server Agent starts

RadioButton Start when CPU usage is low

RadioButton Start once on...

RadioButton Recurrent execution


If the Recurrent execution type is selected, you should also set the Recurring Interval, Daily Frequency and Duration properties of the current job schedule.


For details see Schedule Editor.