Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Database snapshot properties

The Add New Database Snapshot dialog opens automatically when you create a new database snapshot and allows you to define the new snapshot parameters.


To call the dialog, right-click within the snapshots list in the Snapshots manager and select the Add Snapshot... context menu item.


Database Snapshots - Database snapshot properties



Source database

Use the drop-down list to select the source database for the new snapshot.


Snapshot name

By default, the snapshot name is generated by the application automatically on the basis of the source database name and the snapshot creation date. You can modify the name for the new snapshot, or leave the name unchanged. Note that each database snapshot requires a unique database name.


The Files area lists the database file(s) of the new database snapshot. The file name contains the name of the source database file and the snapshot creation date.


CheckBox Register database

This option indicates that the Database Registration Info dialog for the new database will appear immediately after the database snapshot is created (you need to register the database to start working with it in SQL Manager). If you intend to register the database later, uncheck this option.