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Selecting database and backup type

This step of the wizard allows you to specify the database name, backup type, backup file, user name / password, and options specific for the selected backup type.


Backup Database - Selecting database and backup type




Use the drop-down list to select the database to backup.


Backup type

RadioButton Full backup

Specifies that all the data of the database are copied. For details see Full Backup options.


RadioButton Archive backup

This type is available only in InterBase. Use this type to backup the database journals. For details see Archive Backup options.


RadioButton Incremental backup

This is a physical backup mechanism. It backs up the physical pages of the database to "dump" files. The incremental backup feature ensures that the output dump files represent the on-disk state of the database as of the instant the online dump was started, so transaction and page consistency are maintained in the process. For details see Incremental Backup options.


Note that the archive backup and incremental backup types are only available in InterBase 2009 and Firebird 2.0 and higher versions.


Backup File

Backup file name

Specify the path and name of the output backup file. It is possible to insert date and time variables in this field. This is helpful if unique backup name required. You can save template with backup file name containing variables to ease further backup operations. The following variables can be used: [Timestamp], [Date], [Time].

Usage example: 'C:\Backups\my_database[Timestamp].GBK'.

Note: Variables value format is defined by system settings.


You must also specify User name and Password in the corresponding boxes. This user name and password will be needed afterwards to access the backup file.


Click the Next button to proceed to the Setting backup options step (for Full Backup), or to Running backup (for Archive Backup, Incremental Backup).