Online Documentation for DB Comparer for InterBase/Firebird

Set comparison options for the project.


Managing Projects - New Project Wizard - Step 3



CheckBox Case sensitive comparing

Enable this option to make the comparing process case sensitive.

Note that you can use a Case sensitive filter as well, just turn on the corresponding option.


CheckBox Analyze renamed objects

This option enables/disables comparing tables and fields which might have been renamed.


CheckBox Show objects list

If this option is checked the list of all objects is displayed on the next step. If there is no need to check the list of retrieved objects you can uncheck this option to speed up comparison process.


CheckBox Add comments to generated script

Use this option to toggle comments in modification script.


Select object type in the Database object tree, set a flag to include the object type into the comparison process.

The Select All and Unselect All buttons in the popup menu are implemented to make option selection easier.


Compare Options

Define which properties are compared for the selected object type.


Filter Options

For your convenience the filter of object names is added. By default, filter by mask is used. A valid mask consists of literal characters, sets, and wildcards. Each literal character must match a single character in the string. The comparison to literal characters is case-insensitive. Each set begins with an opening bracket ([) and ends with a closing bracket (]). You can use standard wildcards such as asterix (*) or percent sign (%) which are the same, or the question mark (?).


Managing Projects - Filter Options


To apply filter using regular expression, check the CheckBox Regular expression option.


Enable CheckBox Case sensitive option to make the regular expression filter case sensitive.


Always exclude following objects

Enter the objects (one on the line) that you do not want to be compared.


To delete filter condition you may use the Clear Filter button of the Database objects popup menu.