Online Documentation for Data Pump for DB2

Target index properties

The Target object definition area of Step 5 allows you to view and edit the target iconObjects_Index index properties:


Step 5 - Editing target objects - Target index properties


Name - specifies the index name


Columns (read only) - view the column(s) used by the index


CheckBox Unique - determines uniqueness of the index, causes the system to check for duplicate values in the table each time data are added


CheckBox Clustered - specifies that the index is the clustering index of the table


CheckBox Reverse Scans - specifies that the index can support both forward and reverse scans; that is, scanning of the index in the order that was defined at index creation time, and scanning in the opposite order


PCT Free - specifies what percentage of each index page to leave as free space when building the index


Min PCT Used - specifies threshold for the minimum percentage of space used on an index leaf page


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