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SQL Manager for Oracle

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EMS SQL Manager for Oracle

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Specifying other page settings



CheckBox Print to previous page

This option allows to use white space on a previous page. This option can be used in case when a report template consists of several pages or when printing batch (composite) reports.


CheckBox Two-pass report

If this option is selected, report's formation will be performed in two steps. During the first pass, a report is formed, and is divided into pages, but the result is not saved anywhere. During the second pass a standard report formation with saving a result in the stream is performed.


CheckBox Page numbering

This option allows to print a page numbers.




This parameter specifies the number of columns for multi-column reports' printing.


Gap, mm

This parameter specifies the width of the gap between columns.


Create Report - Specifying other page settings


When you are done, click the Run button to start the report generation process.