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SQL Manager for MySQL

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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

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Import/Export Tools

Using SQL Manager for MySQL you are provided with powerful tools to import and export data to/from your MySQL database.


Export Data Wizard

Exports data to various supported formats including MS Excel, MS Access, RTF, HTML, PDF, CSV, XML, MS Excel 2007 and more.


Import Data Wizard

Imports data from any of supported formats: MS Excel, MS Access, DBF, TXT, CSV, XML, MS Excel 2007, MS Word 2007 and more.


Export Data as SQL Script

Exports data to an SQL script as a number of INSERT statements.


Save Data Wizard

Saves data to an external file with the SELECT ... INTO OUTFILE statement used.


Load Data Wizard

Loads data from an external file with the LOAD DATA INFILE statement used.


Export as PHP

Creates PHP script allowing connecting to a database, displaying data of the selected table, and providing forms and procedures for adding/editing/dropping data.


Using templates

Facilitates using import/export/save/load wizards.



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