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Data Export for MySQL

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EMS Data Export for MySQL

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XML options

This tab allows you to set options for the target XML (*.xml) file.


Specify XML document encoding in the Encoding edit box and set the CheckBox Standalone option on if you intend to create a standalone document. Disable the option if any markup declarations, that can affect the content of the document, as passed from XML processor to the application are present or can appear.


XML type

Select the type of the result XML document: Datapacket 2.0 or Access. For the Access type you can optionally select to export XSD schema. XSD schema defines the way in which elements and attributes will be represented in a XML document. It also advocates that the given XML document should be of a specific format and specific data type.


CheckBox Convert Images to Bitmap

Check this option to convert images stored in the source table to the *.png file format to ensure compatibility with MS Access database.


Step 7 - Format-specific options - XML


Note: Conversion between generic XML documents and documents of the XML-Datapacket (CDS) format can be performed with the help of XML Mapper by Borland®.



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