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Data Export for MySQL

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EMS Data Export for MySQL

On-line Documentation

PDF options

This tab allows you to set options for the target PDF (*.pdf) file.


Step 7 - Format-specific options - PDF



Fonts section allows you to define the selected item's font.

Specify the needed Font Name and Font Encoding from the appropriate drop-down lists. You can also define the Font Size.

You can change the font color by pressing the btnFontColor Font Color button.


Additionally you can customize Page Options:


Page Size

Define the page size by choosing one of the standard page sizes from the drop-down list, or set the custom size by changing Width and Height.

By default standard "A4" page size is set.



Use this drop-down list to set the units of measurement for the page size and margins. Inches, millimeters and dots are available.



Select needed page orientation from this drop-down list.



Use this section to define page margins for the exported file.



Grid Options


Format-specific options - PDF - Grid


At this tab you can define Col spacing, Row Spacing and Grid Line Width.



Note: For your convenience the previews illustrating the changes are displayed in the Sample area.



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