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EMS SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird

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Specifying 'COMPUTED BY' expression

If you select the RadioButton 'COMPUTED BY' expression option of the Field based on group indicating that values of the field being created/edited will be calculated according to an expression, you should specify the 'COMPUTED BY' expression in the editable area below.


Tables - Field Editor - Specifying COMPUTED BY expression



Set the expression to be used for calculation, e.g.



Note the following:

  • the expression can be any arithmetic expression valid for the data types in the expression;
  • any columns referenced in the expression must exist before they can be used in expression;
  • the expression cannot reference BLOB columns;
  • the expression must return a single value, and cannot return an array.


For your convenience the syntax highlight, code folding and a number of other features for efficient SQL editing are implemented. For details see Working with SQL Editor area and Using the context menu.