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SQL Manager for IB/FB

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EMS SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird

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Setting table properties

Use the Table tab of Table Editor to create a table and specify its properties.


Table name

Name of the table; must be unique among table and procedure names in the database.


New table - Setting table properties



Table type

This group allows you to specify the type of the table being created.


RadioButton Persistent table

Specifies a regular table with data stored in the database.


RadioButton External table

Specifies that data for the table under creation resides in a table or file outside the database.


File name

Type in or use the ExplorerButton button for complete file specification of the external file/table. The drop-down list contains the previously specified paths.


RadioButton Transaction GTT

If this option is selected then Global Temporary Table records are stored until any transaction is committed within this connection session.


RadioButton Connection GTT

This option indicates that Global Temporary Table records are stored up to the termination of the session during which the records were added. Stored records visibility is restricted with this connection.



This field contains any optional description for the table.



To compile the table, use the iconCompile Compile item available within the Navigation bar or toolbar.