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Data Generator plugin

Data Generator Plugin is a useful tool for populating tables fields with random values. This tool is available in the Plugins menu after it has been installed (see Install Plugin for details). By default the DataGenerator.dll file is located in the %program_directory%\Plugins directory.


To call the tool, select the Plugins | <plugin_category> | Data Generator menu item.






Use the drop-down list to select the database to generate data to.



Use the drop-down list to select the table to populate with data.


Plugins - Data Generator plugin



The <table_name> list box at the left displays names and types of all the fields from the table selected in the drop-down list above. Tick off a box to the left of the field name to select this field for generation. Select a field in the list to set its generation options in the <field_name> area at the right.


Data Generation Type


RadioButton Generate randomly

Generates data for the field selected in the list box, within the given range specified by the data type constraints:

Min Value, Max Value (for Integer fields);

Digits, Precision (for Float/Double/Decimal fields);

Min Date/Time, Max Date/Time (for Date/Time fields);

Min Length, Max Length, Start Char, End Char (for Char/Varchar fields).


RadioButton Get from list

Fills the field with values taken randomly from the specified list of values. You can set the list of possible values in the edit-box below, delimiting values with line breaks.



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