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Data Pump for DB2

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EMS Data Pump for DB2

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This page allows you to define general options of the application.


CheckBox Save current options on exit

If this option is checked, your current options will be saved upon exiting Data Pump for DB2.


CheckBox Remember password

If this option is checked, the password used for accessing DB2 database will be saved, i.e. you will not have to enter it each time you run the utility.


CheckBox Confirm exit

If this option is checked, you will be prompted to confirm exiting the application every time you close Data Pump for DB2.


Preferences - General


CheckBox Confirm columns unchecking

If you uncheck an object which has dependent objects at Step 3, you will be prompted to confirm this action (see the picture below).




CheckBox Refresh source objects on connection

This option specifies whether source objects are refreshed upon connection to the data source or not.


CheckBox Select all tables in the source database by default

This option specifies whether all source tables are selected at Step 3 by default.


After loading the template

This group allows you to define the action taken after loading a template:


RadioButton Open the wizard at step

If this option is selected, after loading a template the wizard will be opened at the specified step. Use the drop-down list to select the step to be opened.


RadioButton Run data import automatically

If this option is selected, after loading a template data import will be started immediately according to the template settings.


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