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Data Pump for DB2

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EMS Data Pump for DB2

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Loading templates

If you have a saved Data Pump template, you can load it any time with all the settings specified at Steps 1-8 (from database connection properties to importing data) applied.


In order to load a template:

  • press the Tools button;
  • select the Load template item from the popup menu;
  • use the Open file dialog to select the Data Pump template file (*.dpc).


After loading a template you can automatically open any wizard step or immediately start the importing process (i.e. all the previous steps will be passed with the settings stored in the template), as specified in the General section of the Preferences dialog.




The Tools menu of Data Pump for DB2 also allows you to load one of previously loaded templates quickly by using the Reopen Template function.


In order to reopen a template:

  • press the Tools button;
  • select the Reopen template item from the popup menu;
  • select one of previously loaded template files from the submenu.




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