Advanced Excel Report for RAD Studio is a powerful band-oriented generator of template-based reports in MS Excel. Easy-to-use component property editors allow you to quickly create powerful reports in MS Excel. Now you can create reports, which can be edited, saved to file and viewed almost on any computer.
Advanced Excel Report for RAD Studio is a Delphi/C++ Builder component, so you must have Delphi/C++ Builder installed on your computer to work with it. Advanced Excel Report for RAD Studio package includes the ‘readme.txt‘ file where you can find all information about installing the component.
Yes. Method Show of the component has one optional parameter FileName. If it is set, report is written to a file without showing it.
It is the limitation of the trial version: the distributive of the trial version doesn't include files .dcu. To eliminate this error one should activate the option "Link with runtime packages" and add EXLReportRT to the list in the Section "Runtime Packages" of the project settings.