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Options property        

Applies to

TEXLReport component



property Options: TEXLReportOptions;

TXQLOption = (xlroShowProgress, xlroTotalsAsFormula, xlroVisibleWhenError, xlroHourCursor);

TXQLOptions = set of TXQLOption;




Property Options is a set of boolean suboptions which define the common settings of the report building.


If xlroShowProgress is true, then the progress window is visible during the report building.

If xlroTotalsAsFormula is false, then the result of calculating Advanced Excel Report for RAD Studio function (SUM, AVG, etc.) is only a number, otherwise it is the appropriate Excel formula.

If xlroVisibleWhenError is true, then the result file becomes visible even if an error occures during the report building.

If xlroHourCursor is true, then the cursor has hour appearance during the report building.



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