Online Documentation for Advanced Localizer for RAD Studio VCL

Specify the components and properties to be localized

To specify the components and properties to be localized you should use the TQFormLocalizer Editor component. Double-click the component instance to activate the Form Localizer Editor.

The list of all the owner form's components is available at the left of the editor window. Right-click the component to add it to the Excluded list ('Exclude' item) or, if it already excluded, remove it from the list ('Include' item). If you right-click an object, containing subobjects, you can also exclude all its subobjects or remove all the subobjects from the Excluded list ('Exclude all' and 'Include all' items).

The list of all the properties of the current component is available at the bottom of the window. Check the needed properties to add them to the grid above, where you can edit their string values for different languages.


See Form Localizer Editor for details.


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