Online Documentation for Advanced Data Import for RAD Studio VCL


If the delimiter you have defined on the first step was found in the source table, then you will find the table columns already separated and delimited. Select the dataset field from the 'Fields' drop-down list. Then click the corresponding source table column or set the 'Col' value manually. Repeat these operations for each dataset field.


Advanced Data Import Wizard Guide - Setting Correspondence - CSV


If you don't want some first rows of the source table to be imported set the number of such rows in the 'Skip ... first line(s)' edit field.


Auto fill - use this button to set the correspondence between the source table columns and the dataset fields automatically. It is convenient if they are ordered in the same way. First table column will correspond to the first dataset field, second column to the second field, etc. If quantity of the table columns exceeds quantity of the dataset fields, then the last columns will have no correspondence.