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Advanced Data Import for RAD Studio VCL 3.12

June 22, 2020


What's new in Advanced Data Import for RAD Studio VCL?


1. Implemented support for RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney.

2. Improved preview for XLSX files in TQImport3Wizard component.

3. The error occurred on cross-mapping columns in XLSX. Fixed now.

4. The interface froze if the TQImport3Xlsx.SheetName property contained an erroneous sheet name. Fixed now.

5. Mapping was not always displayed correctly in TfmQImport3TXTEditor. Fixed now.

6. Now the TQImport3Xlsx.Execute method returns True on successful import and False if it fails.

7. The error occurred on using two digits for year format. Fixed now.

8. Fixed error of defining the end of data stream in TQImport3Xlsx.

9. XML files with empty tags were previewed incorrectly. Fixed now.

10. Row values in OnUserDefinedImport event handler were not processed correctly for DateTime columns. Fixed now.

11. Now XLSX file data can be imported even if it's opened in the MS Excel app.

12. Encoding for XML SOAP files was not defined correctly. Fixed now.

13. Other fixes and improvements.


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