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public SqlManager.QExport.Collections.StringListCollection Captions {get; set;}



The Captions property is used in all QExportBase descendant components, except QExportDBF, QExportSQL and QExportXML and determines the column titles in the exported file. The name for each field is set by a separate string which looks as follows




where <field_name> is the name of one of the source fields, and <column_title> is the text string without such restrictions as quotation marks and apostrophes. The <field_name> is case-insensitive, and the spaces around the mark of equality are not taken into consideration. If the corresponding string for the field is not specified, the the default caption will be used as a column title (e.g. property Column.Caption, if ExportSource is esDataSet, or Column.Text, if ExportSource is esListView). The Captions property works only if AllowCaptions is true.