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public class XlsExportedRecordEventArgs : EventArgs


    // Methods

    public XlsExportedRecordEventArgs(int Sheet, int RecNo);


    // Properties

    public int RecNo { get; }

    public int Sheet { get; }


    // Fields

    private int _recNo;

    private int _sheet;



public delegate void XlsExportedRecordEvent(object Sender, XlsExportedRecordEventArgs e);


public event SqlManager.QExport.Delegates.XlsExportedRecordEvent AdvancedExportedRecord



The AdvancedExportedRecord event is the expanded analogue of the ExportedRecord event of the QExportBase class. The only difference in these events is the XlsExportedRecordEventArgs.Sheet parameter, which defines the result Excel sheet to apply the formatting to.