Online Documentation for Advanced Data Export .NET







The QExportHTML component is used, as it follows from its name, for exporting data to HTML files. The main peculiarities of the component are:

• complete compatibility with HTML 4.0 specification (see;

• compatibility with contemporary browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator),starting with version 3;

• external table styles support (see CSSFileName, UsingCSS), which gives the opportunity of editing simultaneously all the files that exist as a result of the export;

• export templates support (HTMLTemplate property), the opportunity of creating your own templates, of saving them to file and loading them from file;

• the opportunity of creating several HTML files with a definite number of records in each (MaxRecords) and the automatic generation of the index file (GenerateIndex);

• the opportunity of setting the align (ColumnsAlign) and the header for each exported dataset field;

… and much more.