Online Documentation for Advanced Data Export for RAD Studio VCL




property StripStyle: TxlsFormats;



Use StripStyles do define repeating styles for columns or rows of the result sheet. StripStyle determines font size, color and other attributes, border and fill styles and more. To apply this styles to columns or rows use property StripType.


The pictures below show the examples of the result Excel sheet with two styles applied.


The styles were defined in the following way:

StripStyles.Items[0].Fill.Background = clrPaleBlue;

StripStyles.Items[0].Fill.Pattern = ptSolid;

StripStyles.Items[1].Fill.Background = clrLightTurquoise;

StripStyles.Items[1].Fill.Pattern = ptSolid;


StripType = ssCol.


StripType = ssRow.


Note: The StripStyles property has a higher priority than the FieldFormats property. If the StripStyles property is defined and the StripTypeproperty is set to ssCol or ssRow, all the field styles defined in the FieldFormats property takes no effect.


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