Online Documentation for Advanced Data Export for RAD Studio VCL




property Sheets: TxlsSheets;



Use property Sheets to export data to several Excel worksheets with possibility to set a specific format and a separate data source for each of them. Sheets is a collection of TxlsSheet objects, properties of which totally correspond to the properties of TQExport4XLS component, including properties DataSet, DBGrid, ListView, StringGrid and ExportSource which allow you to set data source for each sheet; the Options property to set all the sheet options, FieldFormats to set format for each field separately; and more. Also TxlsSheet class has a boolean property Exported which allows you to define, if the current sheet is exported or not.


Note that if you keep the Sheets collection empty, the result file consists of only one sheet which uses options, set in the component properties, but if you add at least one sheet to the collection, the sheet options are used, and component properties are not taken into consideration.