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Specifying backup content

At this step select what type of data must be backed up.


Content type

Select whether only data will be backed up (table data, large objects and sequence values), metadata (without table data) or both data and metadata will be added to the backup.



Select the sections names to be included into the backup: pre-data (includes all data definition items), data (includes actual table data, large-object contents, and sequence values) or post-data (includes definitions of indexes, triggers, rules, and constraints other than validated check constraints).

Backup tasks - Specifying backup content

Content options

checkbox Exclude content of unlogged tables

Enable this option not to backup the content of unlogged tables.


checkbox Exclude publications

Do not include publications into backup.


checkbox Exclude subscriptions

Do not include subscriptions into backup.


checkbox Exclude BLOBs

Exclude large BLOB objects from the dump.