Online Documentation for SQL Backup for PostgreSQL

Scheduling backup task execution

At this step you need to create schedule for the automated backup execution. Use the buttons on the right panel to create, edit or delete schedules. You can set several schedules for the task.


checkbox Task is scheduled in UTC

Enable this option to use UTC time format for the backup task. Otherwise local application time will be used for scheduling.


NOTE You can check local and UTC time at the right bottom part of the application. Backup tasks - Scheduling backup task execution

Cleanup strategy for launches history

selected radio button Remove launches after ... days

Set this option to cleanup task launches older than the specified value.


selected radio button Keep only ... recent launches

Set the limit for displaying task launches in the history.


checkbox Remove related backup files from storages

On cleaning up launches history for the task the corresponding backup files are deleted from the storages, otherwise they are still kept in the storage.