Online Documentation for SQL Query for PostgreSQL


The Series tab will help you to manage the created series.


Editing Chart - Series



This section allows you to customize basic format options and is unique for each diagram type.



Use this section to define general options, value formats and axes settings.



Within this section you can change marks' style and format, arrows visibility and appearance, symbol options, margins size and position, borders type and size, text options and other.


Data Source

This tab allows you to select data source for the selected series.


Editing Chart - Series - Data Source


Drop-down list contains various types of sources:


  • Manual - the values should be typed in manually;
  • Random - use random values;
  • Series - use the existing series as data source;
  • Function - use function as data source;
  • Single record - take a single record values as data source;
  • Summary - use column summary;
  • Dataset - assign dataset to the selected series.