Online Documentation for SQL Query for PostgreSQL


Use this tab to define the zoom, scroll, cursor and font options.


Zoom section allows you to enable/disable zoom feature for the diagram preview, define whether zoom should be animated etc.


Editing Chart - Chart - General


You can set zoom direction to horizontal or vertical if needed (both is default).


Choose the mouse button which should cause zooming.


Note: To zoom the diagram you should separate the rectangle area of the diagram with the specified mouse button pressed and release the button when done.


With the default settings it is impossible to know the exact borders of the area you have selected for zooming. Press the Pen... button and enable the Visible option to make zooming area borders visible (you can also define border style, color and size), or press the Pattern... button and define style and color for the pattern that will substitute the area selected for zooming.


Use the Scroll section to enable diagram scrolling in horizontal, vertical or both directions, or to disable scrolling at all (default).


Within the Cursor section you can change the cursor type, or load one from the external *.cur or *.ani file.


The Fonts section allows you to change font, color, border, shadow and other settings for the selected diagram element.