Online Documentation for SQL Query for PostgreSQL

Specifying tunneling parameters

This step of the wizard allows you to specify the necessary parameters for connection with SSH or HTTP tunneling used.

Please note that either SSH tunneling, or HTTP tunneling can be used for one connection, but not both types simultaneously.


SSH tunneling parameters


Specify SSH Host name, SSH port, SSH user name, SSH password, the path to the SSH key file (if necessary) in the corresponding boxes.


See SSH connection properties for details.


hs3212 - Specifying SSH Tunnel parameters



HTTP tunneling parameters


If you have selected HTTP tunneling at the previous step, you need to upload the tunneling emsproxy.php script to the webserver and specify the URL in the corresponding box in the following format: http://webserver_address/emsproxy.php


See HTTP connection properties for details.


hs3212 - Specifying HTTP Tunnel parameters


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