Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Setting additional restore options

This step allows you to set additional options that will be used to restore the database. Note that the set of available options depends on the source dump file format and PostgreSQL version.


Restore Database - Setting restore options


Structure options


CheckBox No privileges

This option disables privilege allocation for database objects during the restore operation.


CheckBox Don't set object ownership

This option disables object ownership statements for database objects during the restore operation.


CheckBox Use set session authorization statements

If this option is selected, the currently set session authorization is used (available if the Don't set object ownership option is deselected).


CheckBox Ignore settings tablespace commands

With this option, all objects will be created in whichever tablespace is the default during restore.


CheckBox Use IF EXISTS clause

Add IF EXISTS clause to metadata operations if applied.


Data options


CheckBox No data for failed tables

If this option is selected, table data will not be restored for the tables whose metadata failed to restore.


Advanced options


CheckBox Stop restoring on error

If this option is selected, the restore operation will be stopped when an error occurs.


CheckBox Restore in single transaction

This option specifies restoring within a single transaction.


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