Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Setting additional options

This step allows you to customize common copying options and data options for the Copy Database process.


Copying Options


CheckBox Abort copying on error

This option determines whether the copying process should be stopped or forced to continue if an error occurs.


CheckBox Rollback on abort

Check the option to roll back the transaction when copying is aborted.


CheckBox Copy OID

Check this option to copy object OIDs as well. Note that this option is only available for PostgreSQL 8.1 and higher.


Copy Database Wizard - Setting additional options



Data Options


Records in block

Use the spinner control to define the number of records in each committed block.


CheckBox Commit data after each block

Check this option to add the COMMIT statement after a defined number of records.



When you are done, click the Next button to proceed to the Copying database step of the wizard.