Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Specifying other page settings



CheckBox Print to previous page

This option allows to use white space on a previous page. This option can be used in case when a report template consists of several pages or when printing batch (composite) reports.


CheckBox Two-pass report

If this option is selected, report's formation will be performed in two steps. During the first pass, a report is formed, and is divided into pages, but the result is not saved anywhere. During the second pass a standard report formation with saving a result in the stream is performed.


CheckBox Page numbering

This option allows to print a page numbers.





This parameter specifies the number of columns for multi-column reports' printing.


Gap, mm

This parameter specifies the width of the gap between columns.


Create Report - Specifying other page settings



CheckBox Open the report after the wizard has finished

If this option is checked, the report will be opened in Report Designer after generating.



When you are done, click the Finish button to run the report generation process.