Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Customizing script options

This step allows you to customize common script options and data options for the extraction process.


Script options

CheckBox Generate DROP statements

Check the option to add the DROP statements for the extracted objects in the result script.


CheckBox With IF statements

Check this option to add the IF keyword to the DROP statements in the result script.



This option specifies that the CHARACTER and CHARACTER VARYING fields will be scripted as CHAR and VARCHAR respectively.


CheckBox Add OID into object comments

Enable this option to add object identifier to object comments.


Extract Database - Customizing script options



Data options

Records in a block / CheckBox Insert "COMMIT" statement after each block

These controls allow you to define whether the COMMIT statement is added to the script or not, and to specify the number of records in each block to be supplemented with this statement.


Extract data as

Select the preferable type of extraction statements that will be placed to the result script:

RadioButton Insert statements

RadioButton Copy statements


CheckBox Abort extraction on error

This option determines whether the extraction process should be stopped or forced to continue if an error occurs.


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