Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Using context menus

The context menu of the diagram area contains a number of items available in the Navigation bar and toolbars and allows you to:

  • select all objects in the diagram area;
  • Select All Headers;
  • Select All Fields;
  • adjust diagram zoom for optimal representation: zoom in, zoom out, select rectangle to fit, fit model, specify a predefined zoom value;
  • set the cursor mode to Select or create a new table, relation, or comment;
  • configure the grid: draw grid, snap to grid;
  • adjust the diagram style: draw primary key fields separately, draw entities icons, draw attributes icons, draw only names ofentities, draw foreign key names;
  • perform Reverse Engineering;
  • extract metadata of the diagram objects to Execute Script Editor;
  • view/edit diagram options.


VDBD - Using context menu


The context menu of an entity contains items for working with the object and allows you to:

  • edit the object using its editor;
  • create a new object using its editor;
  • drop the object from the database;
  • show/hide object subitems;
  • remove the object from the diagram.


VDBD - Using entity context menu


The context menu of a field contains items for working with the object and its fields and allows you to:


VDBD - Using field context menu