Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL


The Formatting tab of the Format Report dialog allows you to specify Look and Feel, Refinements and Pagination options.


Data View - Print Data - Report Formatter - Formatting



Look and Feel

This setting determines the manner in which the cells are painted. Use the drop-down list to select the painting style that will be applied to the cells on the printing form:






Options of this group allow you to reduce the report size.


CheckBox Transparent graphics

If this option is selected, the images will be drawn transparent in the report.


CheckBox Display graphic as text

If this option is selected, text will be displayed instead of the images.


CheckBox Flat CheckMarks

If this option is selected, the checkboxes will be drawn flat.



Specify the way pagination will be performed for the report: By TopLevel groups or One group per page.



The Preview area on the right illustrates the changes you have made.