Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Copying records

When you copy several records to clipboard and paste them into the grid, you are offered to set correspondence between columns of the clipboard and columns of the target PostgreSQL table using the Associate Columns dialog.


Data View - Grid View - Associate columns



The Clipboard Columns and Grid Columns lists display the source and target dataset columns respectively. Set correspondence between the source clipboard columns and the table columns:

  • select a source clipboard column in the Clipboard Columns list;
  • select the corresponding column the target table in the Grid Columns list;
  • click the Add button to set correspondence between the selected columns;
  • the pair of columns appears in the Links between... list below;
  • repeat the operation for all the columns you need copy.


Use the Add All button to add all columns to the Links between... list on the basis of their order.


To remove a correspondence, select the pair of columns in the Links between... list and press the Remove button.

To remove all correspondences, press the Remove All button.


CheckBox First row is a header

This option specifies that the first row of the associated columns will be taken as the column header.