Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Setting criteria

Use the Criteria tab to set the selection conditions.


The way the conditions are used is set in the upper string of the area (All, Any, None or Not all of the following are met). Click the green link to change it.

Visual Query Builder - Criteria menu


To add a condition, click the ellipsis EllipsisButton button on the left, and select the Add condition popup menu item.


Edit the condition by clicking the elements of the condition pattern and setting the necessary values. Clicking the numbered button to the left of the condition string activates the popup menu which allows you to add a new condition at the same enclosure level, make composite condition by adding a new enclosure level, delete the current condition, expand or collapse enclosure levels of the condition (if the condition is composite).


Visual Query Builder - Condition menu


A simple condition pattern contains three elements: an argument, a condition operator and a second argument (if required for the condition).


Clicking each element field allows you to set its value. You can add a field by drag-and-dropping it from the working area to Criteria, Selection, Grouping criteria or Sorting tabs. When clicking an argument field, you can edit the argument as a text string: set an object name or a certain value in this field. Right-clicking the field in the edit mode activates the popup menu with the Insert field (also called by the Shift+Enter shortcut; this item allows you to select a field from the list of all the table fields) and Insert query (this item adds a nested query) items.


Query Builder - Setting criteria


Clicking the condition operator field activates the popup menu from which you can select the operator you need.