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Actions you can perform under shared scripts in Team Foundation Server version control system:


iconAddToVC Add to version control

iconGetLatestVersion Get latest version

iconCheckIn Check in

iconCheckOut Check out


Adding script to version control

Enables version control for the selected script, script folder or whole shared script branch.

Operation is available only for scripts or folders that are not included in version control.


Getting latest version

Gets the selected script from server repository to either replace or to merge it with the local copy. You will be asked for operation confirmation. This should be used, if you need to discard all changes made to script locally and to start working with up-to-date script file. If the operation is applied to Shared Script branch of the DB Explorer (or any shared script folder) you will get information about all shared scripts added by other database users that work in the same VCS repository (or about script added to the folder).


Checking out

Enables edit mode for the script. This operation should be used when you need to add changes to script. It locks the script file so that nobody else can open it until you perform the Check In operation.


Checking in

Commits changes made to the script. You will be asked for transaction comments. After script is checked in, its latest version appears on server repository.


You can also browse shared script history. Use the Change management | iconChange Management - History History item of the context menu for this purpose.


You can identify current script state by its icon:


iconSharedScriptNotAdded Shared script is not added to version control;

iconSharedScriptUpdated Shared script is checked out and has been changed locally;

iconSharedScriptTFSAdded Shared script can't be edited until checked out;

iconSharedScriptCommitted Shared script is checked out and can be edited;

iconSharedScriptConflicted There is a conflict in this shared script.


Note: The most common situation for conflicts to occur is when you are trying to check in locally modified script, but there is a newer version of this script in server repository. Conflicts should be resolved manually by means of TFS. Shared scripts are stored in the '%LocalRepositoryPath%\Trunk\Script' folder (where '%LocalRepositoryPath%' is a directory defined in the Database registration info | Change management | Working folder field).