Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Creating/editing range type

The Range Type tab of Range Type Editor allows you to view/edit the range type properties.


Range Type Editor - Editing range type




Select a schema and enter a name for the new range type, or modify the name of the range type being edited.



Use the drop-down list to select the subtype. The range type's subtype can be any type with an associated b-tree operator class (to determine the ordering of values for the range type).

If the selected subtype is collatable, and you want to use a non-default collation in the range's ordering, specify the desired collation in the Collation field.


Subtype operator class

If you want to use a non-default operator class, specify its name in this field.


Canonical function

Enter the canonical function name here. This function takes an input range value, and must return an equivalent range value that may have different bounds and formatting.


Subtype difference function

Use the drop-down list to specify the subtype difference function here. This function takes two input values of the subtype, and returns their difference (i.e., X minus Y).

You can use the btnAddFunction button to create a new function or the btnEditFunction button to edit selected function in Function Editor.